Couples and Family Counseling

Our Relationships require love, attention and energy or they atrophy and eventually die. The problems you are facing in your relationship are not likely to get better on their own. Couples Counseling is for couples who have the courage and wisdom to get proactive with their relationship.

Professional support can help to heal, reinvigorate and tune up your relationship with yourself and your significant other. Through improved understanding, better communication and solution-focused action you can dramatically improve and transform your relationship.

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Solution-Focused Couples Counseling works to actively improve:

  • Repetitive arguments and unresolved issues (Fighting about the same old things over and over again, with nothing changing)
  • Lack of Fulfillment, Unhappiness or Indecision about Your Relationship (Feeling stuck, trapped or unhappy)
  • Lack of interest in sexual intimacy and affection with each other
  • Feelings of distance, loneliness or emptiness in the relationship
  • Problems with trust, jealousy, infidelity and affairs
  • Poor and disrespectful communication patterns
  • Addictions, bad habits and other unhealthy behaviors that damage the relationship
  • Collaborative Divorce or Separation and Co-Parenting Issues