Fitness and Weight Loss Coaching

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First we form habits...then they form us!


What is Fitness and Weight Loss Coaching?

Fitness and Weight Loss Coaching provides you with professional support and accountability to help you lose weight and get into better shape. It combines all of the elements necessary for real and lasting weight loss and lifestyle change.

Fitness and Weight Loss Coaching Provides You With:

  1. Solution Focused Professional Counseling to help you overcome self-defeating thoughts and behaviors. We give you the professional support and accountability that you need to break through unhealthy habits and build the self-discipline required to follow through with the healthy changes you want to make.
  2. Proper Nutritional Guidance to help you overcome emotional eating and improve your eating habits by increasing your self awareness and self-control.
  3. Expert Personal Training to help you slim down, tone-up, and improve your health and fitness in the fastest and safest of ways.

Does it work?

Fitness and Weight Loss Coaching is straight forward and effective. No Crazy Diets! No Gimmicks! No Nonsense! It’s a proven and sensible approach to fitness and weight loss that helps people to lose weight and get healthier because it works with each person individually, and utilizes the key principle that is the foundation of all successful change!


Dana Paine has great skill in renewing one’s motivation to exercise and improve nutrition. He is talented in identifying and eliminating barriers to success. I highly recommend him.
— Dr. Amy Robinson
Through counseling, coaching and training with Dana, I have lost weight, now exercise regularly and have an improved general attitude and sense of well being. I am more focused and motivated and have a more positive attitude towards work and life.
— Dr. Vivian Giudice
I have received behavioral health services from Dana Paine. I have found his services to be invaluable in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. His unique, holistic approach to counseling integrates exercise prescription and nutrition and recognizes that level of physical activity and eating habits have a major impact on our moods and sense of well being.
— Dr. Elizabeth Cumby
I have personally worked with Dana Paine and have recommended him to many of my patients. Dana provides a unique, integrative medical approach to healing that includes behavioral and emotional counseling, nutritional guidance, health and wellness coaching, massage therapy and more. He takes the time to listen to your personal needs and help you to become your true and best self.
— Dr. Leslie Sanchez-Goettler

What does it cost?

Fitness and Weight Loss Coaching is Very Affordable, and a sliding scale is available for clients in need of financial assistance.

You decide on how often you come. Most of my clients come once a week to start with and then less frequently once they have good momentum on their own. Support and accountability is important initially to help you to follow through, but once you have good momentum, less frequent sessions are encouraged.